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Online Education: A Boon or a Curse?

The last two years changed everything for the whole human race. Except for the time when nations were at war with each other, no other event has so deeply affected every aspect of people’s lives, leaving no exception from the young to the old, rich and poor, rural-urban, and retirees to workers to students. Although everyone suffered one way or the other whether it be financial woes or losing loved ones, Earthlings being the stubborn lot we are found ways or juggaad, as we love to call it, to survive and then thrive. People helped each other whether individually or through organisations, for maybe the first time actual useful information was shared in WhatsApp groups about the essential oxygen supplies, and almost everything moved to the virtual world. Except for the front line workforce, every other person was expected to take care of their business in online mode. Well maybe for the 9-5 office workers it was a welcome change to finally catch a break in the initial months, families were coming together, and people actually spent quality time with each other; then the new became the old and the tested, and back to overwhelming meetings and deadlines it was, although on Zoom or Meet.