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Benefits of Learning Second Language

Do you know? Learning a new language increases the size of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of the brain. And that's only one of the innumerable benefits that learning a new language has on your whole personality. Studies also suggest that grey matter of your brain also becomes denser through the process of learning a second language. People who read books from second languages and those who are reading books of their native language have drastically different brain activities, as the former group of people have shown slight increase in their brain size and for the latter there was no difference at all. There are around 7200 languages in our world , each of them are influenced by a different culture, tradition and thinking. Learning even one of them would enhance the overview of the perceiving things at magnitudinal levels.

Languages play a very vital role in our overall existence; they are the only medium which let us communicate and share all of the turmoil that is going on in our being. Different languages consist of different cultures , through which people identify themselves. A different culture can signify a completely different genre of people. Their rituals, diets, habits, festivals, belief system, all inculcate into their language. This valuable knowledge about a culture can give valuable insights whenever we come across a thought in our heads. We will be able to think through different perspectives and aspects whenever we are provoked by a thought.

We can also get a deep insight of their belongings and where their interest lies. Studies have shown that having two languages proficiency improves our concentration and understanding of our own native language tremendously. This is so , as you become much more conscious , creative and intuitive of other cultures as well. Your thinking and perspectives of looking at things also changes and enhances. Monolingual people have a fear that if their kids are exposed to two different languages, their cognitive, thinking, comprehending skills will be highly compromised which is not the case at all. On the contrary, all of these skills tremendously show improvement if they are introduced to two languages at their initial ages lying between (4-9 years). It is clear that learning new languages boosts our brain to form new bonds and memories.

Homo sapiens have been blessed with complexities and modified neurotransmitters that enable us to understand a language. This in turn has made our lives much easier. Through this process of communication we have been able to share complex ideas , such as theorems, philosophies, novels, mathematical equations. All of this has made it possible for humanity to become the most dominant species in the world. It is estimated by scientists that we have been using language from around 1,50,000 years ago. Only through the usage of this medium have we come so far in the matter of discoveries , inventions and transportation. Neuroplasticity is the phenomenon described by scientists that says if we keep on learning new things, especially new languages, it rewires our brain and creates new neural pathways. In this way the novelty of our brains will not be compromised and several mental diseases like Alzheimer's can be avoided. Henceforth,Bilingual people share relatively less chance of getting affected by mental issues like Alzheimer's and Dementia due to the development of their medial temporal lobes of the brain which play a significant role in forming new memories.

As far as the area concerned with the speech utterance and decoding speech goes we have , 'Broca's area' and Wernicke's area respectively. Having damage or accident in any one of these areas could significantly impair our language comprehending skills to a tremendous level. Way of perceiving , experiencing and thinking bilingual people is drastically different in comparison to monolingual people. Stating the obvious, our every voluntary action starts with a thought. That thought could be either in pictorial format or in a language. Being bilingual inherits the tendency of thinking the same action in two completely contradicting ways. It indulges people to think creatively about different aspects of life. Through the spectrum of being bilingual can open up enormous ventures, you can easily perceive any topic through a broader mindset and make those decisions more decisive. Your understanding of your native language also enhances as you would be able to get all the nooks and cranny through effective utilisation in understanding of the adverbs, adjectives, nouns and proverbs from the second language.

Multilingualism drives a person to be self motivated and to become competitive , as this asset certainly gives him an edge in the global arena. His skill can be utilised in marketing the services provided by the company much more efficiently and his overall perception over a particular decision would definitely be valued more due to his diversified background.

Using native language of the country you are trying to penetrate would definitely leave a mark on them and chances of your cause being supported would be enormous.

Globalisation has made the whole world interconnected to an enormous level, people are trading their business, education, and resources with each other at a skyrocketing pace. This has set the table for bilingualism to emerge, people trying to achieve an upper hand in today's world in all arenas whether it's employment, entrepreneurial venture, seeking for investors. Your excitement levels would soar high, as your second language would open the doors for you to settle into a new country , meet new people, learn about their culture , enjoy their lifestyle and initiate new ventures in your life.

Research has shown that being bilingual makes you a proficient multitasker. Your tendency to switch from one language to another gives you more precise decision making and also helps you to switch from one task to another as your thinking capacity improves. Multitasking with efficiency in today's world is another milestone that can boost your overall personality in front of your peers. Non verbal languages can also be learnt through the process of multilingualism . Many European countries like Italy, France are filled with such innocuous gestures which could fascinate anyone .

"Learning a new language and get a new soul" - Czech Proverb, sums up this whole argument that why being multilingual is far more better than monolingualism and how different can a person's life be by just pushing himself through this adventurous process.

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