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IELTS Professional Course

General IELTS is ideal for those who are planning to migrate to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand for a work visa, professional recognition or for permanent residency. IELTS is the most widely accepted English proficiency test which is accepted for immigration purposes internationally.​

IELTS Educational Course

Academic IELTS is for students who wish to study abroad in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, etc. for higher studies, diploma courses, bachelors or masters degrees. IELTS is widely accepted as an English proficiency test by most international universities across Europe, UK, and Austrialia.​

Communications Basics

Communications Basics course is SIL's trademark course, which has constantly been evolving over 4 decades of imparting language education to students of different ages. Communications basics course is formulaic: It relies on building a verbal vocabulary of the world by using objects most commonly encountered by students in an Indian context. Starting from a basic daily routine to tenses and verbs, and culminating in playing characters in plays and holding discussions: this course covers the major aspects of holding a conversation in the English language.

Communications Intermediate

Communications Intermediate course builds upon the basic course and covers basic grammar, active-passive, direct-indirect speech, report/essay/letter writing, group discussions, debates, dramas, proverbs, idioms and verbs. After completing this course, the student develops confidence in using English professionally and proficiently.

Communications Advanced

Communications advanced course covers advanced grammar, special verbs, adjectives, verbal prepositions, conjunctions, interview skills, dramas, special vocabulary, movies. On completion of this course, students not only have a well-developed reading, writing, listening and speaking ability, but have also developed the confidence to speak publicly and extempore in English.


Grammar, Vocabulary and Literature are taught according to CBSE Syllabus.
Classes: IX, X, XI, XII


Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a short 2 month English speaking program for school kids. More information will be provided when the enrolment procedure starts.


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