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SIL is a leading educational institution imparting language education since 1982. Our institute has successfully trained thousands of students through its world-class quality of education. Our centre is fully equipped with WiFi and has a comprehensive library with an ample collection of study materials in different languages (English, French and German).
This means that- we serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. We believe that there is no greater pleasure than sharing knowledge. By serving others in this way, we serve God.
SIL's philosophy relies on the idea that for most people, language is a method of communicating everyday personal experience using names for common objects and a set of logical rules. A language can be learnt rapidly, by understanding these rules and grasping vocabulary relevant to the student. Our method delineates these rules early on to the students so that simple grammatical structures can be learnt quickly. In parallel, we build the vocabulary of students in a structured manner, using relevant and familiar words, so that the student can rapidly comprehend and create complex language.


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This is a first book in a series used as curriculum at SIL Communication courses. It contains the fundamental grammatical rules of English organized in easy to follow formulae. It builds verbal vocabulary based on SIL's teaching method, using activities familiar to Indian students. This first book for the IELTS exam helps students in identifying commonly encountered objects, constructing basic grammatically correct sentences, and holding a casual conversation in English.

This book is the culmination of over 4 decades of experience in teaching English to a spectrum of students. In continuation from the first book in the series, this book contains the fundamental grammatical rules organized in easy to follow formulae. It builds verbal vocabulary based on SIL's teaching method, using activities familiar to Indian students. A thorough reader will be equipped to handle a plethora of problems in all four forms of basic modern English: speaking, reading, listening and writing. 

This is a first book for Indian students who want to learn French and is built around the SIL teaching method. It contains a vocabulary of words, phrases and ideas in French practically encountered by Indian students. With a collection of 10,000 conjugated verbs, detailed coverage of essential vocabulary, phrases, proverbs, expressions, grammar rules, recipes, stories, essays, incidents, and daily routine conversation, this book is a Swiss army knife for a learner of the French language.

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